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Pets deserve a carefree life. So do you.

  • Unlimited pet support.
  • Bundled pet care discounts.
  • Affordable pet insurance.

All the care your pet will ever need!

Three treats to choose from

Carefree Pet Plus With Pet Insurance

Choose a 'just right' fit with MetLife, with comprehensive and customizable coverage.

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Carefree Pet Plus

Get big, bundled discounts to keep all pets in your home happy and healthy.

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Carefree Pet

Give your pet their own ID tag, so it's easier for them to get home if they lose their way.

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See the details, and find out how affordable great pet care can be.

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Give your pet the protection they deserve

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Customers Love Carefree Pet Plus Membership Benefits!

“I have peace of mind knowing that Arnie is more likely to be found if he gets lost.”

Denise S.
Dallas, Texas

“We used RX valet for Pets to get Frankie’s medications and it saved us so much! Thank you!”

Marcie M.
Columbus, Ohio

“I spoke to Dr. Tracy about Carrie and her ear infection. I felt as if I was sitting in the office with Dr. Tracy discussing the problem. She took the time to explain every detail that I needed to know to help resolve this problem.”

Karen R.
Bayonne, New Jersey

Paw-friendly advice

Get the low-down on those closer to the ground.

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