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Dogs Get Colds, Too: What to Do When Your Dog is Sick

As a dog parent (or pet parent of any kind) who wants the best for their furry friend, it’s likely you dread the day your dog starts exhibiting any signs of illness.

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How Much Does It Cost to Spay and Neuter a Cat

Discover the cost of spaying and neutering your cat. Learn about affordable options and factors that influence pricing.

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Why Pet Insurance? Weighing the Pros & Cons

Advantages and disadvantages of pet insurance you need to know before signing up.

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How Often Should You Take Your Dog to the Vet

What you should keep in mind when deciding how often to bring your dog to the vet.

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5 Reasons Why Your Dog's Tongue Is White

If your dog's normal tongue color turns to white, it might be cause for a trip to the vet's office. Find out 5 possible reasons why your dog's tongue is white.

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6 Kinds of Medication You Can Give Your Cats for Pain

Seeing your cat in pain can be disturbing. Although medication can help, knowing the right one is important. Discover types of pain medication for your cat.

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My Dog Chipped a Tooth! What to Do

If your dog chips its tooth, it can cause much pain. So, knowing what to do is crucial. Learn what steps to take when your dog fractures its tooth.

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How Much Is an Ultrasound for a Dog: Cost Estimate

Did your vet recommend an ultrasound for your dog? Find out how much it costs, the types available, and how important it is to your dog's health.

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What Shots Do Kittens Need and How Much They Cost

Not sure which vaccines your kitten needs? Vaccinating your kitten saves you from expensive vet bills. Find out which shots they need and how much they cost.

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Full List of Foods Dogs Can't Eat

Keep your furry friend safe by learning about foods dogs can't eat. Discover the full list of foods that are harmful and potentially dangerous for them.

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